Friday, April 17, 2009

today :)

well welll :)
what's up with today ?
hmm. lets seeee :D

wake up. wash up. rolled up. HARTAMAS ! :D
i was late for my expectation =___=
thought i could get a chance to meet my friends but failed to suceed -.-
but is ok i guess, cuz im still gonna go back on the next week
so, no worrrrriessss :)

after that went 1u with mee kerh, cuz she teman me ma :)
p/s: INDEPENDENT, is my super weakness x(

went home around 4.30pm
cuz legs are found, DEAD @@"
it hurts too, the skin !!!
haha haha haha --"
night time when i online, saw dou pond.
find her chat :)
the two 38s chat till half, suddenly talked about our same point jo.
what point? hmmm, SECRET :)
wuwuwu, when talk about it, the tears are gonna booost out like pipe jo.
nvm pond, we kesian each other ba =(

awhile later, another 38 online dy.
who ar? hmm, fatty joe<--called by pond. hahaha~
this 2 fellows really
aiyoyo, can create world war II already lerr @@
but still, happy to chat with them :)
cuz always get alot of silly and funny jokes .
so those ppl who're sad, go find them
they'll entertain u more than u expected. XD



  1. fatty joe ? :(
    haha yes i like to make ppl smile =D

  2. haha yeahhh
    eujoe have BIG HEART de~

  3. hey put a chatbox in ur blog is better then chatting here =D

  4. haha shit!
    idk how to put ler ><