Monday, April 20, 2009

global warming? :X

last few days, i've made a new friend :D
who? uhm. is a lovely genuine sweety named mei shen.
and yeah, shes really sweeeet! ;P

well, today was fun too. :)
went to my twinee, xuan's house for science revision after schl
but we both were chit-chatting instead of studyingg afterall
we just, have tooo much to chat about :P
looool x)

went to her house around 4pm and back at 7pm.
wew the weather was extremely hot, GLOBAL WARMING !!
i almost MELTED !
its true ! x(

how i wish malaysia could SNOW one day.
commmon, pls grant my wish! :(

well, today was extremely tired and sleepy too.
xuan and i were sms-ing each other in the middle of the night
as we both were attacked by insomnias -.-
then both silly twinees texted each other until 3am only they tried to get some slp for schl on the next day.
AND so! they went to schl wif A KILO of EYEBAGS =O=
imagine it, esp me! i looked so super duper horrible with them ><
arghhh, someone pls save the eyebags. haha~

okayyyy. im gonna stop here :)
update ma bloogiie soon
bye and take care everyone. :D


  1. lol .. funny sei aer u xD
    so poh betull .. X)

  2. hahahha
    aiyerrr sopo bcuz missed u too much ma

  3. hahahhahaha
    duno wana comment what :)

  4. ching: HAHA u blurr ma :P
    sennie: yeah i still rmb-ed :D

  5. lol .. ~ ga ga sei lae u xP always like that tam me gehh >"<

  6. hahaha not ehh, is true de