Thursday, June 18, 2009

the 1st photos of xuan & me :)

today, went my twinee's house to get the pj pants
and so, i went her house around 6pm :]
i was walking up the hill till i reached the playground where we supposed to meet .
and when i reached there, shes already standing there looking everywhere. aww, shes cute XD
and then, we walked to her house to get my stuffs .
after getting the stuffs i needed, she showed me SNSD's english singing,
she was in love with it. and also, we can see their potential .
it was really G.R.E.A.T ! , no offence :p
at around 6.40pm, we started to cam-whoredd =p
we're both laughing our ass out at our kiddy faces after we vained enough~ =X
p/s: but i look more kiddy than u twinee! so no worries :]

* here are the pics of us :) *

7 pics uploaded, hehe :)
hmmm. right after we cam-whored,
i quickily rushed home and have my quick dinner
as im having tuition so soon once i've reached home =x
once again, in tuition .!
only 1 word i can describe ..
what was it ?
well, it was ..
urgh, its really cold~ i hold my breath so i wont be shiverring around as im just right under the aircond -.-"
ohh ohh !
i forgotten something .
watch this ~
michael jordan vs kobe bryant top 40 .
oh my gawddd, it was excellent. COOL ! :)
weeeew :D

END post , and enjoy ! :)


  1. my dear sista!!! BETTER GO DO SOME STUDIES OK!!!! exam near dy!!! or else i come back kl n kick ur ass!!! muahaha~~

    *u shud know who am i* if duno!! really gonna kick ur butt until open flower!!

  2. haha aiyohh
    of cuz i know who are u =x