Wednesday, June 24, 2009

hari koperasi 09; smkbsd2 =)

since its the last year in sec school, so i decided to join the fun in hari koperasi :)
yay~ this day really mades my day .
i've made some new friends, & they're awesome kids. =]
today hung out with my prince, ginyen and my twinee, xuan :D
wooots, they entertained me alots yea. thanks babes^^
we took quite a number of photos too :)
but i look so stupid in it -.-
well, first is cuz my eyelids are a lil cacat. din't glue it perfectly =[
secondly was soo tired. nvr get enough of sleeps. thats why i look undead.
sorry sorry for ruining the beautiful pictures~ =x

xuan. genee. ginyen.
our dragon fruit+ mango blended ~
xuan & genee :]
said not gonna eat maggiee, but ended up still maggiess. lol

genee & pey horng :)

genee & po yeng :)
after the hari koperasi is done, all of us went chinese class to get prepared for our steamboat=]
i guessed yl is bored@@ so shes trying to fill the board with "us" .
as shown above, we can see that joo is really interested with it. lol xD

me me me ~
oh oh~ this penguin~
i seriously had no idea what to say abt it =x
but really thanks wai hoe for winning it for me .
i apppreciated ur kindness^^
thanks alot yea =)


  1. yay!u stil wearing our school PJ shirt haha

  2. oh lol~ yeah last year dy, noneeda buy laXD