Wednesday, July 15, 2009

happy:) + sad:(

from the starting til the ending .
be patience :)


tumpang james's car home. thanks james, thanks uncle :)

junior fetch me and shen to bus stop sekolah. thanks junior :)

turn right 1st ..

go straight !


the korean restaurant .

the drinks .

and the junks x)

FAHRENHEIT restaurant? bar? or what? lol =x

korean star saloon? OMG his there!
p/s: i forgot the guy's name in the middle =X

the new dress & bangle from F block~

all 50% discount ler. sri hartamas summore. too cheap dy xD
okie, about the beauty fair. urgh, was totally a stupid idea.
cut the craps=x
but still, thanks to those who helped us in the transportss! =D

we barely shops today. din bring enough casshiess lar =P
decided to go again after exam :D
DAOREA, im coming soon xD
wahahaha ..

hmmm, i enjoyed today. thanksss :]
but right now, felt SAD for those lame shyts.
and angry too for ruining my blog.
" GET A LIFE PPL!! " said everyone.
ahhh, i dont know what to continue ..
maybe i shall stop. having a bad headache here >< good night everyone, sweet dreams and slp tight :)

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