Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A super-duper tiring day x[

schl ends at 2.30pm today, but i went back earlier around 1.10pm
to my ex-schl just to get my bm lisan -.-
mum went pejabat sign the book and yeah straight rushed to sri hartamas before the schl ends.
reached hartamas schl around 1.30pm, then called my boss, Kelvin to find me at bilik guru :)
and finally, he showed up with Luke, my BRO. hahaha lol.
they waited for me outside the bilik guru, while im inside finding the bm lisan
OH MY, the teachers said my lisan is not in the file. maybe LOST?
omg omg i duwanna do again~ ><
who i met today ? hmm ..
Shanice, Luke, Kelvin, Eugene, Chyan lih, Adrian, Yuen lek, Wai mun, Kaizaii, Michael, Logann, Glen, Rachel, Chow(the 1 who always asked for fight=.=) and many many more..
lazy to list out XD

p/s: eugene asked me to write his name nice nice huh? okok lar. so now u owed me a treat. theres proove ! x)

(mum's working beauty saloon)
once i reached the shop, then heavy rain dy
wew, luckily i was saved. HAHA lmao =x
after that, went down the mamak shop bought roti canai and eat
while waiting for the guy to get ready my food, i waited outside .
wooot, i saw so many koreans~ nyahahahah :D *faint*
cuz almost the whole street are korean shops.
hmm, roti canai not full lar. but okay lar, deng ju tou sin luu xD
after eat, suddenly my mum's friend called up,
asked her to go pwtc (putra world trade centre).
cuz there got beauty fair mar =x
haha, then okie luuu, she brought me along too.
when we was about to go in, the guard came by and said "SKLH BAJU tidak dibenarkan masuk"
WHAT the ... =.=
then no choice, went opposite The Mall and buy clothes lo
blah blah blah, nvr get to shop the whole fair then gtg home dy
have tuitions at 7.30pm =x

The Mall .

my pass in ~
tuitions til around 10.30pm.
after that online chat and update bloggeyy :)
hmmm, i guessed this is all that happens today
sounds normal but its damn damn damn tiring ~
fuuhh~ now im all ready to slp xD
p/s: nomoreinsomniaqueen? hmm, maybe:)


  1. 暗恋你的男人July 15, 2009 at 2:42 PM

    got ppl called u,very action la??!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. wah, 有人得不到genee, 因爱成恨咯哈哈~

  4. LOL.... 不给是女人来的阿

  5. aiyoo .. nothing to do come say ppl meh ..
    this may be entertainment for u ..
    not for others lar .. come on ..
    be mature abit lar ..

  6. not even using ur own name..
    noob and sohai o0o

  7. anonymous, for ur information, i nvr say im pretty =.=

  8. genee u r pretty...
    only dunno who so sohai jealous u then say like this

  9. aiks aiks.
    but still thanks everyone who helped me ..
    i appreciated it~ =)

  10. huhhh,no point la weihh 暗恋你的男人
    what a funny people ?
    damn childish !