Sunday, December 27, 2009

undang day.

the undang dayyyy, ishhhh @@
the lecturer dont let us slp
dont let us listen to music
dont let us bao the undang test LOL
dont let us talk in the class ;O
i know all these are not allowed but u have no idea how bored is it sitting inside the hall for 5 hours! -.-
this is crazayyyyyy`! ohhh my goshh x.x
next one is gonna be the undang test then another 6 hours amali X______X
this day is finally over, ahhhh. RELIEVED!! :DDDDDD
*phewwww :P
today ended class at 4pm, then lined up take our IC and go back dyy
was a bad evening too, raining like cats and dogs =="
there're few of us there, uhm uhm ..
chengyee, chunren, you quan, ket tin, zhen yang and me were the BSD peoples :)
so this was the only pic i took in the hall.
i took nothing but a board and the lecturer-.-
i sitting infront mah, so.. unlucky loh =X

todayyy damn tired and sleeeepy.
so imma sign off now and prepare to bed ;)
gooood night peoples!


  1. This place is at Sinar Bintang rite? I remember this apek XD

  2. uhmm, i only know its at sri sinar xD
    this apek kacau only laa.
    cannot sleep also
    little bit then bang the table
    LOL -.-