Wednesday, December 23, 2009

singapore <3

aite aite` went singapore with my cousin sis on tuesday night.
sounds so sudden huh? heeeeeee.
but i went just to visit my sister lahh.
my crazy sister. xxxDD
leave KL around 8+pm
and reached singapore around 3+am?
super duper long, cuz the car cant speed -.-
reached dy, then straight jump on the bed and sleeep.
view from sg home :D

went tempines mall after the bored shopping in white sand x.x

this is the monorail if im not mistaken xD

TEMPINES MALL! see, crowded like shyts >"<
after a whole day at tempines mall
we went home and start toastingg ;P

and i found this really cute stuff! xD

and not forgotten, cho dai di too ;P
none of us gambled. pokai dy laaa. HAAA~

the brand new poker cards. DAMN CUTE RIGHT? x)

phyllis & me tahan-ing not to slp~

this is when we wanna go back KL
look at the car weihhh

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