Saturday, February 20, 2010

working (;

19th of february - my 1st day working for people
not family but other ppl.
feeeling so scared on the 1st day ==
its not a good impression for manager if i have any mistake, right?
im currently working in HSC :)
selling sir Tom Jones's live concert ticket !
oh well, though i duno who is he, but i know his super famous.
our generation, i dun think anyone knows gua? lol .
anyways, there are currently 3 girls working there.
shirley, rosey & me =)
i had fun working with them.
they treat me like their child =X
shirley showed me her asian poker cards.
and guess what?
got so many of my fav idols!
koreeeannnnnnnnnnnnnnsss! ;)

and when i work, i work seriously!
no jokes

and this is what i do when im bored.
whos there?

ohh! its YAOYAO! XD
agagagagagaga ~

not forgotten, take photos everywhere (=

this is currently my fav monster.
DOMO KUN !!! ;)

im wont be updating my bloggey often dy
since after i start working :O
its soooo tiring.
forgive me, peeeps :P

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