Tuesday, April 6, 2010

'insomnia-curve' essay =3

AHERMS! this post is gonna be a long long post.
so if ure not ready, just ALT+F4 :)
last night was the worst insomnia ever i guess eh?
i went offline around 4.30am, force myself to sleeep.
BUT! i couldnt even close my eyes.
my eyes are blinking non-stop? =.=
aiyooooo, why is it so hard for me to get to sleep again?
please dont tell me my damn insomnia is back~ D';
noooooooooooooooo an dwae! X[
okayyy and finally i get to forced myself to sleep around 6am
then around 11+am..
that was while i was having my sweet sweet dreams..
*ring ring*
Kok Wai calling me!
" hello? "
" hiiii! wanna go OU for movie!? we're going soon :D "
" WHAT? aiyo nvm laa. im soo freakin' sleeepy laa. next time can ar? :DD "
" u sure ah? Shu Pei got go wor~ ure not alone xD "
" hahha nevermind laaa, u guys enjoy! im already half dead "
" ohh okay lohh then, nevermind laa. next time ah~ "
" okay okay buhbyeeee. hehehehehehe "
" aite aite` buhbyeee! "
hehehe finally, the nightmare was over. LOL
and i continued my dreams ;)
butthen suddenly again, my aunt came to my room
" geneeee! pls follow me go buy some stuffs! :) "
" *(!^&#!%#!*&#^!)(@# .... OMGGGG! T.T "
okay lohh, i pui her :)
cannot blame her geh, cuz shes singaporean maa
duno anywhere around KL
so, yeah =)
sadly was the sweet dreams just ended in that few hours x.x
damn saddd weihhh, but its okay.
once in a blue moon. lmao.
so, today's a ikano-curve day`
and yeah, finally im there!
i was craving for something laaa
and only there have maaa, so.. bo bian loh xD
below are all random pics, AS USUAL! X)

and zomgg? im-so-petite-ed.!
but who cares? thats me xP
later on, both of us went Dome.
craving for the.. sofa seats laa.
tired dy X]

as u can see, im shooting everywhere and as much random pics as possible.
dun blame, my hands are a lil itchy that time D:
:P :P
after that, went metrojaya's -- LANCOME.
my aunt was craving for eyeshadows.
and ended up buying shining pink & gray?
awww, imma so ready to steal and use it xxD
and she said, OKAY!
so cutee laaa both of us.


home-room-toilet C:
and oh!
i tried something new today!
its bow hair!
and look, its so obvious that i FAILED.
it wasnt as easy, and it wasnt that hard.
maybe cuz my hair are layered, thats why harder laaa.
need more "bobby-pinssss" x.x
YESH, imma try and try again till i suceed.
gimmme some times sweeeties xD

any comment for it?
i knew its cacat-ed.
but its still okay to comment it xP
AITE` my essay is FINALLY DONE.!
*sign off*

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