Saturday, April 10, 2010

U.T day :O

alllright! as u can see the title of this post,
its U.T day.
and so-called, Undang Test day. lol :)
so, hell yeah
the night before, i was so damn friggin' nervous and scared
it really freaked me alot, i guess eh?
im not quite sure though, oopss xD
but so far as i concerned, i've been doing the CD and study the 500ques book during my midnight time?
midnight online is always "my-daily-routine". x)
the worst thing was, just bcause of this i never get to sleep at all==
i stayed up till 6.30am summore.
then got myself changed, breakfast then headed to the centre dy D:
and yeah, i was a lil late. hhahaha :x
i wont blog about the waitings, and some stupid stuffs.
so, cut the craps.
cuz i feel so stupid blogging abt it :o
sorrrry peeps :p
oh! last but not least, i met 1 of my hartamas biatch there.
*these pics below are taken after test* :)

i've must been really lucky for not failing it==

and okay!
this is my ex-schoolmate, Wan Farah.
BUT! i dun call her Farah though.
we had nicknames for each other~
shes Dumb Dumb & i'm Lame Lame.
hahaha how dumb and lame were the names.
but awww, its been a year since i last met her.
see, the "dumb & lame" were fated to meet each other there (:
and, i misssed her so much :]
shes my Friggin-Mean-DumbDumb-Biatch ..
though she DONT look like one! X)

yupp, ignore my stupid faces.
ignore my undead faces too!
thankyou ~
p/s: today i drove Jason's car like so so so so so sloww.
yalaaa, thanks to the Ara's "bumpers" & holes -.-
well well~
" hendak jadi seorang pemandu yang 'berhemat'? "
okayy. IM COMING, on my way. (:

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