Monday, April 12, 2010


basically the orientation is fun :]
i met few new friends there
thanks to Ning also xD
the talks were dead bored!.. esp the "canon" ones >:o
lol :s
then uhm, the library is quite awesome :)
but! its kinda small. huhuh~ *dissapointed*
and ohh!
Ning & I get to know few of our "super cute" seniors :]
and their style! HAHAHAHA ..
reminded both of us of Alvin and Kim Eng (X
and basically theres nothing really much to blog about.
the classes are bright enough for everyone to study
the foods there are uhm, no comment though :x
suddenly Ning & I realised something..
our college is surrounded by clubs & pubs! lol?
but they had the restaurants combined together also laaa
so, not bad not bad also =p
allright, till then~
will update soon :DD
ciao ciao xD

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