Tuesday, April 27, 2010

part of my college (;

okayyy, allow me to start this post with all the lovely pictures we took in college (:
hmm.. wont say much here but i think im getting used to this college life
perhaps? teehee :)
and urghhhhh, i feel its so suck when i see the advertising principle lessons x(
that's like the bored-est among all :'(
the lecturer is good and experienced, so i dontwanna dissapoint him though he is soooo supaa bored :X
heeee, support me! :P
here's some pictures we took in college.
and they're all my new girlfriends except Miss Deirdre XP

a very very very cute lil weird thgy drawn by Deirdre :)

and guess what? i found so many korean video clips
in the computer when im having my computer graphic class! :D

visual communication? and its..
B-I-G to the BANG!

and lastly..
heres me, Deirdre, Deseree & Holiday :)

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