Saturday, May 1, 2010

charity fair/.

this morning got woke by my mum,
and this is what happened :*
~ Mum & Me ~
" geneeeeee wake up! "
" yeahh mum? "
" wake up wake up! let's go some charity fair! "

" charity fair? where? "

" uhm uhm, near gombak there. get ur butt out of the bed now! fai dit~ "
" aiyoooooooooo but i wanna sleep la! x.x "

" dont laaa, pui me goo :D "

" eshhh okay okay arrasseo "

" weee! "

" (*!^@!%@%& ... T^T "

and here goes to the charity fair..
guess what, so many peeps there
and when im busy looking for foods
suddenly i met Mervin :o
hi hi bye bye then continue find foods dy.
after that, i met Nigel also (:
he macam so shocked wor when he saw me LOL

i think i spottedd luis. but no zais.!

look at the peeps there. goshh

here goes to my vain pichas !


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