Saturday, May 15, 2010

Moe de Cafe & Excalibur day.

hahaha, yesh!
its our yamcha day again (:
with YL, Kokwai, HongWang, Lili & Jias jias.
1st we went Moe de Cafe yamcha gehh ..
then after that went Excalibur da kei :X
dota, CS, red alert.
2 hours only maaa, not enough time :X
l4d leave it next time ba, heeee :)

thats YL=) and kokwai hiding beside her.

dota noob. as always! PFFT~

i enjoy seeing YL play dota, so funny! xD

thats Zhen li & the covered-face-Jias .

that was just posing -_________-"
after that, we switched to a better comp, cuz the comp we used earlier were a lil cacat-ed >"< style="color: rgb(255, 102, 102);">Onn, Chunren, Melvin, Chengyong, Zhi hao & some other friends~
all came in like an army of ppl only ~''~
hmm, the best moment in cc still the CS part :D
hahahhaha, just couldnt stop laughing bcuz i actually got chased by Lili ="=
then Melvin & Onn non stop shouting behind me asking me to look back and stuffs,
i got so so so confused and obviously nervous laa.
then POOOOM! , DIED.
everyone laughing so hard in cc. HAHAHAHA.
yeah, i know i was doing the noob thing in cc but..
hahhha so silly & funny laa. xxD
time flied too fast in cc, and now im missing it.
AWW~ (:
P/S: who says girls cant go cc?, who says girls cannot play dota?! what a rule.

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