Sunday, June 6, 2010

KITA 1SATU project (=

so theres this assignment/project we needa do
KITA SATU project, yeahh.
this project gave us alotsa worries though, but it ended up went well so okay laaa (:
then there this FlashMob thgy, Miss Joanna said it was like the Glee version
and then, everyone start joining.
and guess what? theres NOTHING like Glee -.-
yeah, seriously. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

well, alot of people quited cuz there wont be having any dance moves.
just wave ur body and thats it? :(
awwww, its a BIG BIG BIG dissapointment though ;(
TILL THEN, let the pic do the talking :)
im sooo friggin' lazy to type D: sowieeeeee!

oooooo, my head is bigger :D

everyone says:" i'm lovin' it! " ;)

Michelle, Chloe & Me :)

and thats DIA 201004 :D

Deirdre + Michelle + Genee = SATU :)

forgive the retards ;x

woooo, i saw middle finger! VINOD HARAN -.-


Mass Comm group, The F group :)

Shasha :)
That's all for now, more comin' up

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