Sunday, August 8, 2010

The photos i took with Slash's band members in airport :)

" Slash is coming to Malaysia, wooooot! "
" you rock, Slash!! "
" i love you, Slash! "
" rock onnn, Slash! "
" you're the best guitarist in the world, love you Slash! "
& many many more i heard that day when Slash appear on stage :D
haha, yeahh. basically. it's Slash Live in Malaysia 2010!
im sure alot of my friends dont know them huh?
well, i dont know them either =\
so, it's august 5 and it's their night!
awww, im sooo sad that i ruined the photos with them tho, i looked horrible D:
gaaaahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(
but their concert was super duper awesome.
i went emotional throwing chairs down from my hotel room's balcony since i missed their whole entire concert!!!!! :(
hahaha, well their concert really rocked everyone's soul that night.
and not forgotten to say, i start to love them tooo :)
my very 1st time obsessed with the famous and the awesome rockers, Guns N' Roses.
but still, i love Slash and his band members more compared to Guns N' Roses o_o
maybe cause i haven met them yet, thats why =P
overall it's super nice working for the event laaa!!!
get to run around with Slash's band members in sunway pyramid tower hotel :P
get to sit in the same coach bus with them while on the way to airport!
Bobby Schneck asked me to sit with him in the bus, and it's super nice to chat with him tho.
he even offered me his beer can, gave me some of his guitar picks and also shared with me his being-an-artist story. teehee! X)
don't u think it's cool ?!!
well, i think it is super cool laa :)
and right now, sitting infront of the computer, blogging about this, made me miss them soo freaking badly :(
it's truly an unforgettable memories and experience i had in my whole life =')
" please come back again SLASH!! i wanna rock on the stage with you guys too!! XD "
Photos below were taken on that night and airport! :)
some concert photos are credited to my boss's friend.

Slash, the legend.

Bobby Schneck, THE BEST GUY I MET!!

Tony Montana.

the rocking night ;)

Myles Kennedy.

Bobby Schneck, the rhythm guitarist.
i heart him supaa dupaa much! :D

Brent Fitz the drummer.
aww look at him, he's sooo sweet right? :))

Tony Montana, duno what guitarist dy :X
guess why he pose like this in the pic?
HAHAHAAA let me tell u xP
" ure sooooo small till i wanna carry u up! can i? "
" O.O u serious? "
" yeah i am, but i can't. so i'll just pose for it instead :P "
" HAAAHA thats a better idea :P "
but the photographer too excited dy, we haven ready then she snap dy.
pffft =\ but still .. aren't he cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

Myles Kennedy, the vocalist from Alter Bridge.
he sang and waved to me and my manager at the edge of the stage when they're performing " Sweet Child O' Mine "
damnnn awesome :)

Peter aka terrorist :X
Slash and the band's manager.
he kept on shake my hand and say take care and goodluck.

taken at the backstage :)
saw the black doors over there?
Slash and his fellow members are in there :D
their dressing room, inside was filled with all their leather jackets man.

all their passports!
10 peoples :)
not allowed to take with their names in the photo though
but guess what?
hahahahahaahah :P

these are the guitar picks Bobby gave me when we're chatting in the bus =)

and here goes the end of the story :)
ahhh, what a longggg post about Slash.

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  1. DAMN .. u really2 lucky girl .. i'm also watch the concert at Sunway .. really regret didn't get to met Slash ! - Terebutzu