Friday, August 6, 2010

timer we hearts =p

spent a night with my darlings Chloe, Kylie and Michelle :D
all the 38 girls tend to laugh like mad before going to bed during midnight -.-
that night was supposed to go MOS with them after the concert tho.
but guess what, i was asked to follow my manager to send Slash to the airport.
so the plan was partly ruined by me =\
sorrrry girls!
but im sure u girls had fun that night ;)

at the bellcorrrrrnyyyy :D

before leavingg the room :)

pillow fight? or girl's fight? x)

we're the posers ;D

thats all for that night.
more photos, but not gonna post it all, shooo lazie :3
signing off!
ciaozz ;D

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