Sunday, October 31, 2010

Michelle's 18th & Gary's 21st b-day @ Milk.

Happy birthday AGAIN, Michelle Tan & Gary Tan!
the-not-siblings-TANs! :P hahha.
basically both of them held their birthday celebration at Milk Club @ Bangsar.
so, yeah. my very very very first time clubbing.
it was, fun also laaaa, at least i enjoyed it (:

p/s: the pics below was messed up, i'm lazy to rearrange :D

before going to Milk :D

At Milk.

i wasnt addicted to Black Label at all (:

so sad la both of us, entertain each other with camwhore-ing.

err, i wasnt drunk. just TIPSY! :O

i likey this but i looked sooo chubby, FML.

my sexy maid, Charlie and CN cow :D

Edward Ah Mann (:

dance flooor hoot hoot hoooot~

Shawn Ho, photographer of the day :D

Gary's is soooooooo drunk that time till noone wanna carry him.
he is soo petite tapi heavy -.-

this is before Gary got drunk, taking along with Chloe (:

Queenie & Chloe.

after club, Foy brought us to McD for some supper and then head back to Chloe's house.
oh well, i never really get to club cuz there's a lil mess there so, yeah :\

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