Saturday, October 30, 2010

souled out peeeeps

Ryan, uhm i forgot his name@@, Kelvin, Eugene, Yishern, Luke Mann, Logann, i forgot his name also@@, Shanice & lastly, me.

p/s: im not a cruel person la okay, i know who are the both people but i never talk to them before one. so basically that day was my 1st time talking to them la. but i certainly cant remember their names, fml.

This day, we all gathered and celebrated Shanice and my belated 18th birthday @ Souled Out, Hartamas :)
it was pretty weird also larr since only two girls were there =|
but overall still okay, especially me!
never talk to them sooo long since after i changed my high school.
din't know they still can joke around like last time which is, goood (:
wanna thank everyone that showed up!
and also thankyouuu for the presents!
i totally love it. (;

I heart you guys!

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