Tuesday, October 26, 2010

my 3D2N in Singapore! Pt 1

- Friday aka 1 day before the concert night! :) -

leave KL around 11 and reached Singapore around 4.30pm.
well, they say its quite fast since we're driving like almost 120kmph?
ehh how to spell that speed thingy lol, i know i noob-.-
then my sis brought me to this place where they sell this rice burger, damn kawaii weii.
its not really that expensive laa, $3.70. okaaaay what, cuz they gave ALOTTT of beefs! YUMMY!

OKAYY skip the after part, lets continue with the dinner part.
had this tomato crab at this place called Changi Village!
and yes, a place which have ALOOOOOOOOOOT of "chickens" walking around at night :\
well why am i saying this is because i've been seeing THEM everywhere since i visited there when i was young.
i love them, cuz they're prettier than girls?
*admire* lol!

have u tried Nestum Tofu before?
it may be disgusted when u hear it but NO FEAR, the taste is ICHIBAN!

after dinner, head home by cab.
had this super funny conversation with the cab driver.
he was soo excited about his Iphone game, Angry Bird.
how cute :)

& how can i not camwhore when i had such a gooood and filling day? :P

meet the mojojojo! HAHHA rofl! :P

End of the day.


went Boat Quay and visit my sis 1st before going to Singapore Expo for the concert :)

the place she worked in, DAMN NICE.
imagine u get to drink free alcohol everyday :\
how amazing is that.

and oh! i found the most expensive one there (:
it cost, SGD862.50.
so means, around RM1900? tuuuuut

i leave Boat Quay around 7pm.
and reached Singapore Expo around 7.30pm then, yeah.
wait for the guy to pass me my tix! :)

no ticket, no enter.
curious about what am i looking huh?
FT Island started performing dy, BUT i'm still outside waiting for my ticket.
shooo sad :(

YEAH, uuuuuuuuu guys!
I wanna see u guys live but i was sooo dissapointedd that i sat too far away, couldn't see my JongHoon's face ;'((

Come back again, Infinite!

OHH look Taeyang's lookin hawt babeh
AND not forgotten the cute lil rapper G-Dragon ;D

Day by day we wished to hug Big Bang!

Infinity love to our Infinite! WOOOHOAHH~

nahhh, not gonna run if the 9 angels are there :P

no LIES with Big Bang! ;))

our TIXS!

and this is, my sis and I :)

End of the day.

p/s: i'm so lazy to upload more pics CUZ they're like TONS of pictures in the album, just randomly upload some of it, sorrrry! :P

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