Friday, November 12, 2010

friday's selca

went my mum's shop this afternoon without washing my hair though.
err, well everyone do know i DON'T get out of the house if i din't wash my hair or smtg :\
i just can't take the stinky and messy hair out, it's disgusting yoo.
but i never care since i'm gonna get my hair done in my mum's shop, heh! :D

after that, while i was steaming my hair, waiting for the time to pass, i was actually reading one of the magazines, and i read this page, this part! :p


ooooh, it's interesting though it might be fake, who cares anyways? :]

i scored .. ohh i've forgotten -____-"
but its around there lar, between 70-135 :D

well, i find it true also lar, but .. oh well well well well and well ..
*emo & afk*

lawl ;(

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