Sunday, November 14, 2010

KDU Mystical Night

As you can see, it's KDU Mystical Night @ M.O.S! :)
went with few of my friends :D
Pond, Elain, Yong Tick and Merv, heh.
well, i won't talk much here, let the photos do the speaking ;)

Inside waiting for the event to start :D

Pondy mah bitchy darl xD

Elain the tally :O

then .. i met Michelle and her friend, Kelvin :D

my miss karr pao :p

OHHH this pic is after the event dy, sorry i din't post the event photos, it's all in facebook!

and this is 2nd round at M.O.S :)

si chunren :]

mua king, onn!

my new friend aka maid for the night, Karwai.

chengyongg :D

and this is after the cluuuuubing time :\
*in the car*

Eddie :D

mervy :D

yong tick :D

okay, i love this 2 pichas a lot.
it's soo natural :p

p/s: I had ALOTTTTT of fun this night :D

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