Wednesday, December 8, 2010

journey to Kek Lok Si temple :)

spot the Kek Lok Si and the big big BIGGGGG GUAN YIN up there?
we're planned to walk up BUT we're all lazy after having the famous Asam Laksa .. :X
hahha then we start walking from the other temple which is 500m away from where i took this pic.

THERE, from here. LMAO!

queue-ing up for Cable Carrrr =|

the RM2 ride cable car.


overall .. this is the 80% of Penang i guess?

my friend, my family!

whenever i sees a tiger, it'll auto remind me of my sister HHA xD

"AAAA-WUUUUU" he's posing like a wolf :p

okay this one i scared!

dont u feel like slapping the pig? -__-

look at the pigssss! SO CUTE LOL

donald duck?

look at this! ahhahaahah omgosh X)

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