Thursday, December 9, 2010

say Hi again to the Beach!

HELLO BEACH! im here to visit u :D
heh, so basically i went to the beach these few days, and yeah forget about the consequence of the pics cuz i mixed it all up, nevermind, as long as u can understand then it'll make no problem! (:

hello salty water!

and hello hermit crab?! o.o

the swimming pool, OKAY honestly the pool isnt fun AT ALL -__-

noo, i dont pay to ride horse.. =|


Me: " Hey mum! "

okay ini random punya.
duno what to do then write these lor.
practice my korean writing also not bad what
AHAHAHAH lmao :p

OH i dont pay to ride that too! xD

p/s: there's alott more pictures in the camera but i only upload the ones in my phone.
so lazy cari the pics lah, its all with my dad. EVEN MY CAMWHORE PICS TOO -____-

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