Sunday, January 16, 2011

Charles & Esther's wedding. :)

So congrates to my cute cousin, Charles! and the wifey, Jin Ling! :D
ahhh, knew her since i was young though, lol.
kinda complicated also, skip it :X

their wedding is at Putrajaya's resort called Pullman resort .__.
its really nice! but just dont feel like it's KL lar, goshhh.:)

this is Xandra, cousin bro's gf :)


oh the 1st dish! nom nommmmmm xD

okay idk why the chefs took so long to get everyone the 2nd dish lar, they took like an hour to cook a dish -_- only a chef merrrrrr? hmm i wonder what happen.
meanwhile, what else!! camwhore lar :P

see everyone's "wait food wait till sien's face"

beh tahan dy, xandra & me went out of the ballroom and explore around and also, camwhore again lar LMAO :D

i hate this pic, just seee how tiny am i!
somemore im wearing a 4.5inches heel!
but she also wearing 3 inches heel lar so .. :X


yam seng session! roflmao X)

cheers 1 :D

cheers 2 :D

and cheers 3 :p

HAHAHHA this was a funny part though.. did alot of stupid things but never get to take pic :X
sowie hahaha.
that was my bro, cousin bro & my grandfather.
isnt my grandfather cuteeeeeeeeeee? xD

never forget the "luis"! heheeeee XD

before leaving, took a few pics with the wedding couples too!
sorry lar this camera stupid one la, cacat-ed dy.
gonna ask the nicer one from their photographer! :D

fail 1.

okay this one still, boleh tahan :\

WAH FAIL!!! all face cacat-ed -.-

my daddy isnt a ghost lar, choi~ touchwood touchwood.
just that my skills a lil too geng dy LOL

in the carrr carrrrr :D

and this was at home, taken by my brother.
my god my hair look so, yucky. -.-

stay happy and sweet together until 999 years old allright!

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