Thursday, January 6, 2011

last day of exam! woohooo

see the title? its last day of exam yawww!
OBVIOUSLY everyone is happy, the exam duration was tooooo long to be say, no joke. -.-
after our last paper, Chloe, Michelle & me headed to OU for dinner and movie! :D
we then went to the NEW YORK NEW YORK restaurant to grab dinner since we had no idea where to eat anymore, and this is our dinner! :)

pizza + pasta + mushroom cuppucino VS 3 girls.
okay, we diet lar thats why all shareeeeeee only.
sharing is caring, DON'T u know that? :P

okay have to say that, have u ever tried mushroom soup with cuppucino cream on top?
okay it may sounds a lil ewww but omgosh, its soooo YUMMY! :O
if i ever visit there again.. im gonna order myself 10 bowls of that man!
ARGHHH just looking at it makes me go hungry so badly :\

ohhh not forgotten, my mocha chocolate.. haha! :)

after dinner, bcuz michelle had to rush home so yeah, left Chloe & me only ;(
we then planned to watch Paranormal Activity 2 together!
"Lets get frighten together getherrrrr for tonight"
"okay? "
"HAHA! "

then the 2 pabos went and watch it and also something real funny happened when we're actually watching. HAHAHAHA!
okay, only both of us will know about this, sowie! x)

after movie, waited for my parents outside Armani Exchange to pick us homeeeeeee :))
while waiting, camwhore larr dulu. tunggu apa lagi ;)

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