Wednesday, January 12, 2011

After we go i my me mineee

Went OU AGAIN!!!!! with Chloe.
okay, both of us are always sooo lifeless always go ou.
there's like our 2nd home :\ lawlll
by the way, cut the front part, skipped to the "tea time" part.
had waffles at waffles world while waiting for Charlie's phone call.
we're all supposed to practice our dance for Charlie's family's company's annual dinner in less than a week's time.. :|
okay, a lil confused? nahhh there's no need to :)

finally, after half an hour or more, shes here to pick the lifeless people to her aunt's house which is 1 or 2 minutes away from OU only loll :X

super happy was, the aunt's house had a superrrrrr big mirror infront of the dining table :|
we're all happy to see the mirror though, ONE OF OUR FAV THING ON EARTH! xDDD

camwhore camwhoreee AFTER the practice, obviously.
we don't use time to camwhore only, haha.

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