Friday, January 28, 2011

my superb friday with my darl.

Spent my WHOLY friday with my darl, Pond today.
accompany her to cut her long & curly hair off, WASH ALL BAD LUCK MA! ;)
and then we had Pasta Zanmai for our lunch @ OU.
that was my beautiful meal, forgotten what's the name but it's beef! MUAHAHAH BEEEEEEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF me likey! hehehehhee

during our lunch, darl's mum suddenly called her up and NEED her to rush back to BSD.
then we're both like.. OMG? O_O"
err okay, nevermindd larr! we're coming back again after meeting her mum ;)

then we walk around hunting for new clothes tooo!
this is in Forever 21! (:

I made the wrong pose eh? should've done the tongue one rightt.

no choice but buy the M size one, regretted that i never bloody buy the S one when they still have stocks! okie, i suck :(

alllrightt~ see both of us looked really good in these RIGHT? :P

sorrry laaa, was aiming at myself more :P

after the epic walk in OU, we then head to Taman Mega visit cheeeeeseseseeee naan
and meet our buddies, Eddie, Onn, Chunren and Karwai as well.

it's really a superb tiring day but it's still G.O.O.D! :D

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