Sunday, January 30, 2011

er, okay -_-

Helllooooo pretty clouds! why are u crying for the whole dayyyyyy?
basically everywhere is raining.. perhaps the whole K.L?
stop cryinggg clouds, arent u tiredd?
dont be sad, cheer up aite!
the sun & I, will shine fer ya! cyehhh~

p/s: okieee i cant go pasar malam and flea market dy, uuu naughty lar clouds. eishhh. last weekends before CNY tau! ;(

lol.i knew i was a lil fake but, hey! im being truthful okay? :p

AND BY THE WAY... WTH?! *accident occurs at 3.19*

from Allkpop news,

" Super Junior
’s Lee Teuk and Heechul were involved in a minor car accident recently, rumored to have been caused by overly zealous fans who chased them in their cars. Today, we are reporting on what appears to be a rather serious incident involving member Yesung and a fan’s lightstick during their “Super Show 3“ concert in Singapore.

A fancam from the concert captured the incident in its entirety. In the clip you can see the members of Super Junior freely roaming about their stage while singing ‘Wonder Boy,’ when all of a sudden, a fan threw their light stick towards the stage, making a direct hit with Yesung’s face. "

what the heck is ur problem u stupid elf, ehh no.
u dont even deserved to be an ELF! -.-
u threw my Yesung CHILLI?!
okay, U SUCKS TO THE MAX LAAA, fail laa u elf.
u should be grateful that u never got carried away!
damnnit ;((
and why are the SG elfs sooo scary? -___-
stop killing the Sujus!!stay away u b*tch!

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