Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crocs's event @ OU

Today is the Crocs's event day! haha well we're kinda excited & tired as well.
*because the previous night we was at Mist till late night -.-" *
basically we got to attend this event thanks to Feeq for giving us the "pass" to the event? :D
AND here's a lil of the event;

*never snap the surrounding photos tho, all these photos were grabbed from Pondy's facebook*
i totally love this group! they're awesome, and i mean awesome.
esp the girl on the left, gah she's super gorgeous & awesome on that day!
*clap* :D
ohh, i like this group's performance too!
they're good too, well at least they're entertaining :)
oooookayyy, this one i likey the most too :D
hot guys dancing lar, come on who wouldn't like them.
and the girl there is really cool too, i jealous she can dance with hotties! haha! :p

after the amazing performances & all, the emcee also pulls out a lot of peoples to compete on the stage too! (well Pondy& me got called on the stage too and we won ourselves a pair of Crocs! :D)
everyone's dancing the amazing Wonder Girl's Nobody!
the young girls here danced pretty well, they learned the dance!
lucky them! xD
and ummm, these 2 guys here dance the Nobody until zao yong dy gua?
out-of-SHAPE! hello guys, go home youtube more about Nobody's dance pwease! :P
but but still, they're very entertaining. funny guys! :)
And at last, congrates to the winners that won the competition!
Katoon Network won the 1st prize, wooooooo their performance was WOOW!
idk how to describe it but yeah, my 1st time seeing them dance live!
*cuz normally i watched in the tv :o

then after the awesome event, Pondy & me went Tutti Frutti for our awesome yogurt.
well, cure our thirst as well heh.

somehow i looked so old in the pic, err? :/
mua darl, Pondy ;)
ahahahahah, mine!
p/s: i love chocos & kid's snacks. oh whatever, they're awesome! :B

so we went home to get some rest after the Tutti Frutti part.
we're all dead tired though :s
and oh! i forgot to reveal the photos of what i got in the event! :)
Crocs' goodie bags? :]
& there's this voucher that can redeem a crocs shoe for yourself tho, was very happy when i enter the Crocs' shop but then there don't even have my size. the smallest size for female is 7! WHATTAA im only size 5/6! :( so then i took the male's 7 and gift it to my brother. well, at least he has an expensive shoe! hahahaha.
besides that, the bag also includes a lot of stuffs.
booklet, a love pillow? lol, keychains & more!
but hey, i love the pillow and especially the Starbucks vouchers, YAY!!
pretty sweet Crocs isn't it?
we won it! :D
Thanks to Pondy who can tahan for the whole competition & also thanks to my light weight heh!
somehow the Crocs made me feel like imma a lil girl once again!:D good or bad thing?

Lastly, lemme end this with a post! :)

support Crocs people! they're definately light and they could make u run thousand times faster! :P

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