Monday, February 21, 2011

Feb18, FC gang @Mist.

YAY! Finally it's another FC family outing day!
but this time, it's at Mist! (:
ahh, i know i know .. everyone LOVE to say go CLUBBING no good this & that but ..
hey, we all enjoy ourselves & also TAKE CARE of ourselves okay?
we don't drink like those drunkards out there ..
so, whats more to worry? :P

yes, the most basic one. Black Label! :o

waihoe, derrick & mervin :)

mist was super duper packed that night!
yeah of course.. because it's a friday night hahaahah.
i nearly pass out as well, NO FRESH AIR TO BREATHE!
damn san fu lor! :s

meet my Bitch, Pondy ;)

yeah, so basically we don't waste time camwhore but we have fun together!
chit chat, drink, dance, camwhore. ahhaha lol.

p/s: sometimes i hate clubbing, hot like shiat! makes me breathe-less =___=

me, jone & elin! err i look like their child more.

derrick, my new friend? & juniorr aka COWWW
LOVE you guys the super nannyyyyy-ssss! lol

elin & jason, whoa both hot till like this mer.. but me also lar.
lol PHAILED describer .__.||

pond, junior & me :)

okay i looked really drunk here, but hey.
physically drunk? :D

my LAMEST bro ever! (:

& then .. somehow idk why, i met with my other friends at Mist as well! :)

he ask me to call him CN BLUE, cuz his name is CN. err .. no. :/

random photos!

kok onn & edward!

CN & Gary!

Okay i kinda enjoy the night but also hate that night.
well cuz i had stomachache! never had dinner before drinking. smart ass me huh?
REMINDER! REMEMBER to eat first before drinking!

I din't upload all of the photos, go grab 'em at Pond's album!

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