Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A random Tuesday. =p

Went TGIF for dinner with mua family today! =)
i know, its kinda random cuz my mum was so lazy to cook.
WOAHH, hardly see her DON'T cook one. lol.

had Lampie-chop for dinner!
guess what, EVERYONE of us ordered the same food for that night.
its really funny though, try picturing it! :B

then after the medium rare lampie chop, we ordered some desserts as well!

have a look! hahhha yummy :D
*sorry i never bother to remember their names -.-"

after dinner then walk around Curve and Ikea then go back homeee for the NEXT dessert.
yes, the bestest dessert!!!!! :P

TADAAA! it's "yin wor" aka sarang burung aka bird nest! ;)
the everygirl's love. muahahaha.

mummy heat it up and get me a bowl.

but, guess what..
i NEVER like to eat something tasteless so i added sugar in it.. :S
no worries, its only BROWN sugar! heheh.

eat already then ur complexion will be like this!
slowly la okay! i know my complexion sucks.
ohh come onnnn, give me some timeeeeeee. :p

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