Thursday, June 2, 2011

My 1st of June :}

Hello people! :D
gonna write about my 1st of June post in the 1st June post in blogspot! lololol
did i say it correctly? or mixed up? ahhh whatever, as long as i understand. ngek!

spent my 1st of June with Lisa, Yishern, Pond & Yoshii :)!

so let the pics do the talkings, AGAIN; heh.

Mushroom Cabonara Pasta RM18.90 @ The Gardens, Curve. DAMN NICE! :D
chicken's !
beef's !

hello :D
chilling ;)
oh they have the promotions sets thingy too, do visit aite :P
we're all being healthy, ice water!
look at lisa's camera, pity fellow got black moon dy hahahahaha.
"I always drop my camera la thats why" - Lisa
a pic with Yishern Lau, the-short-pilot. HAHA
then Lisa & me! *love this pic :D *

after that we hang and chill around Hartamas for foosball then off to dinner again @ Solaris Dutamas! :o

Lisa's Nasi Goreng Cina
My Nasi Goreng Pattaya (OMG MUST TRY)
candid, hahaha ssshh she never know this! :p

once dinner's over, Lisa's brother, Lokman dropped me off at TTDI Plaza to meet my other friends, Pond & Yoshii!
Simone bar&cafe; mmm i no likey this place though ._."
too many kam yu lou everywhere gosh :/
playing around with coke and ginger ale. ahahahaha.
meet Yoshii :)
and my bitch, Pond :}
get myself ginger ale cuz my sis said whiskey+ginger ale will be alot better than mixing it with coke! heh so yeah :)
cocacola, my all time fav though -.-
12 years old chivas regal?
the lady's drink! :D
candid shot! (; *if only if im that fair! stupid flash liar la u :(
oh he's trying to act some xxx LOL

after an awesome day & evening; now off to Yoshii's house and help him to get his assignments done! *yeah we're so kind right, haha*
everyone's getting started!
look at the ice cream sticks man..
mission: stick all the ice cream sticks on this board :/
how can i forget Mc Flurry in such timing huh?
10% done ..
100% done jyeah!
umm.. how do i explain this? its the example of the flooring thing.
(oh yoshii study interior design)

after everything's done.. its the other part.
i've done my job so yeah i was resting around X)
look at Yoshii man, he's also lazy to listen to pond HAHAHAHA.
duhh, its 2.30am man. but luckily he sends us home around 2.50am!
gahhh i was too tired and guess what?
I WENT TO BED AT 3.30AM! ahhhhh break record dy la! woohoo :)

okay, thats all about my 1st of june.
everything is summarized! :D
no essays! heh goodnight!

genee, xx

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