Friday, May 27, 2011

2AM in Malaysia 2011 :)

- click on the photo to see it clearer. (: -

Hello 2AM Autograph passes, Showcase passes & the yummy Albums. meheheheh ;)
peace = 2 = 2AM.
aw we love 2AM :)
some last minute things we did haha!
*my hand*
*Lisa's hands*
welcome to Malaysia, oppa :)

introduction for the Autograph Session :D

Seul Ong; i was shocked when i see him live. din't know he look that lil different in TV! at least he look cuteee here, :P
the fans
autograph session starts!
both of us sat aside and chill, Lisa's complaining alot of her heels -.-
nearer look to the stage :]
aw Jinwoon you looked so tired :(
*after the session, we fell so deeply in love. haha!
forever Jinwoon biased, saranghaeyo oppa. DAEBAK :)
*2AM fever! haha gosh i cant smile properly lol! *
still fangirl-ing them though it's over hahahahahaha.
Saint o' Clock Album, must buy the SPECIAL EDITION!
*drools drools drools* :D

& ON THE Next day; SHOWCASE Day. :)
*lining up* was way at the back, thought we're the last though. *phew
when we enter the hall :]


& this is one of the part where the host said we're gonna give the boys a birthday suprises :D

oh yes, indeed suprises. okay i can see Jinwoon love the angry bird a lot. look at the way he hugged it, omgosh. hahaha so cute! and Changmin's expression is really indescribable when he receives the mug, lol!

After that, they continued with the gaming sessions..

apparently i only start recording after Jinwoon did his "pose".
mm sorry peeps, cuz i was concentrating and focusing him, tsk tsk! X) X)
love this part, Seul Ong oh Seul Ong i wanna bite you can i.


im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous
im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous
im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous
im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous

the girls are just too lucky! i was late to get the tix though, ughh so fail la me!
or else i'll be there!! HAHAHA just kidding, no offense. BIASED. :P
damn the girl who flash her stick at the wrong timing, zzz! :(

" Naega jal jal jal motasseo.. " *singing along* :D

my all time fav song, " I Did Wrong" !
and my fav performance among all too because finally they're moving around in that big big stage yaw. hahaha.

the last song before they end the showcase.

if only if we were that close to the stage, :(

LASTLY, brought to you by me!

get to record down this not-awesome vid after i came out from the showcase hall.
THEY'RE FAST THOUGH. it's only 15mins after the showcase end! ._.

2AM's Autograph Session & Showcase was fawesome, esp the autograph part. aw i still remember the way they looked and talked to me. u'll melt in no seconds, no joke. Especially when you meet Jinwoon & Seul Ong. Let's hope they'll visit Malaysia soon again! :)

P/S: BY THE WAY.. yeah you see i fan girl a lot. getting real crazy and mad over it but aw let me do it for just this day, i don't do this everyday. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. kthxbye :P

geneehearts, xx

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