Saturday, July 16, 2011

should i just l o l ?

for what i wanna steal your friends?
for what i wanna make them mine?
for what i wanna bad mouth about you?
for what i wanna brainwash them?
for what i wanna choose you instead of millions and trillions of peoples in this world?
for what reason i need to do all these?
for what you wanna blame everyone but not yourself?

but wait. if you think i'm that free, please. think twice.
i have better things to do. i have my own life.
you're not my enemy or something. you're my friend! CHINGU. but i couldn't even gulp a sip of water when i heard all these. all of us hurt more than you do. what they're my side? nonsense lah.

THINK WISELY before you act/talk.
you're only pissing people off.
if that could make you feel better, go ahead.

but again, look how pathetic you are right now?
you know who am i talking about. yes, YOU.

i NEVER wanna hurt you, you're always my friend. i have no reasons to do all these to you. but you're only making it worse. everyone tried to talk nicely to you but u NEVER wanna listen. don't ever pull me in with no fucking reasons. THINK WHY THEY DO THIS TO YOU BETTER.

p/s: smart people learn from other people's mistakes, only a fool will learn from their own mistakes. START TAKING ADVISES and learn.

*big sigh.


  1. haha. too many different types of people in this world. u just have to live with it. cheer up alright? ;)

  2. haha no worries. i dont see anything that i should care for now. oh welcome myself to the reality :)

  3. cheeeerrrrr upppp.... from another henry! haha