Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thursday-Zouk (;

gonna start the photo-blog by one of my camwhore photo! heheheh yes i know about my make ups.
apparently, honestly, i cant really live without make ups. esp my eyeliner ;/ they're my savior *wait, at least i don't apply foundation :D *

went Zouk & met a few of my ex high school mates! aww it's been so long :) :)

Chloe & Cash. they're both funny bunnies!
Scott. funny and crazy fellow!
Prem & (i forgot his name lol)

my most awesome motherly pabo!
thanked her so much for guiding me in life and more.

Kai Sheng & his friend ! that curfew boy haha !
Yee Wen & Chloe. cutest girls ever !
Ashley Monteiro. shy boy in class !

Till then, lemme end the post with KLCC at the back. cheeeers :P!

p/s: I'm not clubber. I just like the music and dance. lol - [ Quoted by: Karmen Lim ]

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