Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gong Cha !!

1st time trying out Gong Cha @ the Garden's Mall today. and i have to admit that this is really gooood. LIKE SO MUCH BETTER THAN CHATIME WTF.

somehow Chatime do give me bad memories too. Tried my 1st Chatime at Time Square's booth and it suck badly. pui pui puii not nice one leh seriously. maybe that fella never make it properly. BOO YOU BUGGAR! :/

plus i think i would spend on Gong Cha more than Chatime :x tee hee.
never get to try this. can't wait to sluurrp it all up when i was taking photos of them. lolol
My mum's Milk Coffee with less ice & only 30% of sugar.
not bad, can try! :)
Lemon Juice with Aiyu & White Pearl :D

the Signature Winter Melon Milk Tea? wait i kinda forgot the name of this wtf :x
anyways because black pearls were all sold off so yea, only white pearls are available.
but omomomo white pearls are awesome too. (if you love to chew) :D

for those who haven't try Gong Cha, please do. trust me you'll cry HAHAHHA


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