Monday, August 1, 2011

View Rooftop Bar @ G.Tower (:

so this event was held at the View Rooftop Bar @ G tower, Kuala Lumpur on July 16 if i'm not mistaken.
thanks Henry Lee a.k.a Clever Munkey for inviting us both to the event. it was superbly awesome (:

oh and also, thanks Lifestyleasia.com for the photo above. and woow, just by looking at my fat cheeks reminded me of my Form 2 times. geez!

we went there like so late so only managed to take this photo.
mini sandwiches! guess this's the best to take compared to the others. hahaha.
the view from top! i'm afraid to look down though. so scary can dai.
OH this was taken after the event. yeah yeah yeah, we camwhore wherever we go :B

P/S: CAN YOU SEE MY DOG AT THE BACK OF THE GATE? HAHAHA it's my dog la don't scared :x

we kinda scared of taking photos in the car though. plus it's soooooo late! 12-1am. scariest time.

anyways, there're more photos but guess it's not out yet. haven check yet so lazy. hahahahhahahhahaaaaa -.-

p/s: goodbye July, oh August please be good to me. and Sept, COME QUICKLY! i can't wait for NS though. yes, seriously i can't wait. so excited fooh! :D


  1. ini macam pun mau camwhore, it scared then dun la take :P take at home la, lucky is not hungry ghost fest yet that time lol

  2. you think we dumb meh will take on that festival LOL!