Monday, August 29, 2011

Need help over here !

Hola folks! so, here's something that my friend, Elaine wants me to help and i'm posting this here and hope everyone are willing to help her out :)!

so before i get this "essay" started, let me give you a definition of Amoeba Team !

Amoeba Team is a Non-Profit Organization youth development platform which empowers young people by instilling positive C.A.T.A. (Caring, Appraisal, Teamwork, Appreciation) culture through executing events/projects in 4 spectrums (Learning, Community, Leisure, Career) thus contributing to the society in a multiplier effect :D


C.A.T.A CAMP is organized by Amoeba Team :D It is a youth and community development camp gathering young activist to enhance and grow together thus creating positive impact to the society in a multiplier effect.

- Engage in Community & Social Development
- Enhance Personal Development Embrace C.A.T.A Practice FOCUS POINT
- Every participant who attends C.A.T.A Camp will be sponsoring ¼ of a teenager from the community children home to attend the camp.

Caring Appraisal Teamwork Appreciation.

Participation Fees: RM190 (RM40 will be channel on sponsoring the children to the camp.)

anyone wants to join? please help RT or pass around!

anything can contact Elaine Loo here !
and thankyou everyone for spending your precious time reading this. cheers :D


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