Tuesday, August 30, 2011

outta control.

Hi wanjie, if you're reading this, yeah just wanna wish you happy belated birthday again! haha.
and sorry for posting all these photos up as it should be private-ed. heheheh :B

anyways, that beautiful cake on top is an vodka cake or something like that. crap, i can't remember what's the name :/ sorry my bad! but seriously, guess that's like the best cake i've ever eat. it tasted so good! well, maybe there's alcohol in it :/ lolol
all of us surprised him by celebrating his 19th in his house when he actually told one of us that he's heading to bed real soon. hahahaha i just can't stop laughing at this epic expressions when he saw us in his house though. too bad there's no vid or else i'd post it up here!

meet joseph loh the sexy friend from canada!
oh, and also this biatch of mine. that's her significant pose anyways :p

so, after an hour or two, everyone just went like that ..
oh but still can pose for camera, not bad!

well.. not much to say cause we're all posers anyways. heheheheh! (Y)

till then,

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