Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmassss two thousand eleven;

Merry Christmas to the world!
forget about my Part 1 celebration at Sanctuary, Curve cause it really suck big time.
1st time there with my couzies but it already gave me a bad thought about it. #ftl
music was really bad, so as the environment. AHH I MISS GOING TO ZOUK! :x
guess if you start entering Zouk, you will not consider the other clubs anymore :/ no joke!

ANYWAYS! left Sanctuary with my couzies and asked them to drop me off at Ecobar, PJ Trade Center to meet up my lovelies for the second round. which is Part 2?! :P
get to chill and play around with them are so much better than shaking your head at Sanctuary man.
Sanctuary, Y U NO PLAY NICE MUSICS!? it's really irritating though. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
oh this was taken when we're about to leave. LOL.
Nan Tien? :)

; why are the photos looking so weird anyways?
looks like it's all squeezed! :s
Waihoe; okay he was hella tipsy that night. but still can drive ah. NOT BAD! (Y)
Wen Li
Mervin, Genee, Derrick
Mervin & the fuckingdrunk Jason. :P
Mervin & Wen Li

went home after like an hour or 2 and we saw this guy puking like mad at the Sri Damansara toll. took out my cam and snapped! OOPSS, got flash and he looked back at us. LOLOL #phailed

and then, he continues puking. hahah.
jason says, MERRY X'MAS!
and so are we :)!

Cheers :D

Part 3's gonna be a X'mas dinner with the family!
Turkey with red wine. YAY!
Kenny chopping the watermelons
Uncle Benny with his homemade mushroom soup. NYAMS!
My hot hot grandfather! HE'S SO ADORABLE RIGHT! :D

since it's only a normal x'mas dinner.. we basically had mushroom soups, fruits,
Garlic breads,
Potato Herbs! (Y)
Fried pumpkin,
Chicken Wings,
Turkey slices! ,
Fried spaghetti with olives and veges,
Mini hot dogs,
with A-cat? A-cha? or whatever the name is. THIS IS HEAVEN!
and ETC! :)
naw just by looking at it now makes me hungry again.
then camwhored with this crazy cousin of mine, Michelle Ng :P
p/s: tell her she looks young. she'll go insane running around with diapers. ROFLMAO.
Kenny & Alexandra. the sweety couples :P
Posing #LikeALouSai !

Oh no, wait people. there're still part 4 but photos aren't with me so yeah :(
couldn't blog about it. but that's okay, least i've blogged about my Christmas!
it's not something big but i really love enjoying like this. moments with family & friends are really precious.
HOW ABOUT YOU? :D do tell me about it. am keen to listen! :)

your truly,

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