Saturday, December 3, 2011

7aste @ Laundry, Curve.

Hello everyone! yes, welcome me back to the blogging life. tsk tsk!
anyways, i just came back yesterday and guess what? i've got invited to 7aste! so yeah, went back home, unpack my luggage, rest for a few hours & TADAAA! 7aste! :D

anyways, still the same old phrase.
let the photos do the talkings! ;)

*photos grabbed from Samuel :) *
Sherry & I :)
holycrap, just see how tanned i went.
and then i met my colleague, the crazy Andrew!
guess i complained too much about me looking too tanned in the photos, then when we took this it turned out thissssssssssss bright ._. mmm creepy.
oh & yes, Andrew loves posing! esp like this :s
but he's still cute right. HAHA.
Kah Mon, Pondy, Me, Benjamin & Jayren - the Bloggers!
oh and Jackie too! :)
meet the Bloggers network!

photos from Samuel's camera !

7aste wasn't that bad after all. so many dramas! Esp the scenes in The Apartment! some drunkard can bump to our table (Pondy & Me) and start pointing the menu saying he wants some cake when he's actually pointing at the wrong page? then his friends brought him to T.G.I.F to sober him up but in less than 2 mins he ran all the way back to our table and start doing the same shit again. haha seriously. #EPIC! #fail


LASTLY, let me just end this post with this photo.
LOLOL. kthxbye!

yours truly,

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