Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bai tin gong day :)

It's Bai Tin Gong day, finally!
which means everyone get to eat alot alot of foods & get ready to gain more fats.
on this night, everyone came to my house to celebrate because im living with my grandfather whaaaat, which is a goood thing. i love living with grandparents, they love to joke with me, ESP my grandmother! :p
but, shes gone.. sigh.
nahh forget this part, let's continue, shall we? :)

mummy prepared alot alot of fooood and also bought alot alot of fruits for praying.
oh i love to eat the 1st & 2nd pic's cake. it's called, "GAO DAN GOU". egg kuih? o.O
idk what is their eng names but they do taste gooood!
start eating them when im young though, my grandmother used to bake that for me to eat, aww :(

next is this!
the process of making it was, hectic enough lar.
expired yeast flour also have, bad quality yeast flour also have.
somemore have to fly to the supermart to get 'em before the clock strikes 10pm! :o
but the mikus came out perfectly, round and fat!
yumm yummmms? :P

1st pic: dad made that using the mikus too! he's very good in doing the..tortoise? :D
2nd pic: little gai dan gous! my favvv! woohoo!
3rd pic: it's the "sao seng gou" i guess. cute & pretty LOL.
4th pic: PAOSSSSSSSS!! :D how i wished it was siew paos. lololl.

HOHO, of course!
NOT forgotten, the big big pork leg & the mikus!
:D :D :D :D :D
me loveee them sooo muachieee! X)

& then, cousins, aunties and even the elders start doing the ka-ching for burning later! (:
wahhh.. hao tong xin xie li oh. HAHAHA

grandpa helped out as well but looks like the monster is destroying the kua-chee again, eek.

the fooods on the table!

everyone start picking the joystick & pray.

somehow this photo is soo colourful. :D

i pray hard, see. REALLY HARD! :(

before burning the ka-ching $$


" hoohooo, byeeeeee moneyy! see yaaa. "

after the burning-money part, all of us went in the house and wait for mummy to chop the big bigg pig for us to eat!
but unfortunately, i never get to take any photos as i were busy helping too :X
heheeee, somehow, it's still a great night with the family :D


  1. wooo that must awesome pink piggy bun :P I only managed to buy it during kao wong yeh celebration

  2. hahhah really?! hmmm, normally my family don't buy. cuz my grandmother used to do everything by herself. thats why idk whether is there anyone selling it outside or not :X