Thursday, February 17, 2011

the Pabos @ MV :))

Look, its another Pabo day! LOLOL.
okay, how can i explain this, hmmmm.
Pabo means silly in Korean.
& yes! we both are korean pabos ;) ;)
there, that's the stupidest explanation!
behehhehh ..
anyways, pabo called me up in the morning said she misses me so much & then, here we go to Mid Valley to hang out! (:
of course the 1st thing to do is, FOOOOOOD!
u know i love food, so yeah.. " OH SUSHI " Restaurant, here we come! :P

got us a nice comfy seats at no.17
& then start orderinggg.
we both stone at the menu for quite some times as the foods amazed us sooo badly!
i think its because we were both super hungry thats why :/
hmmm, what i like about this restaurant is the foods are nice, awesome, not bad :D
BUT THEN .. the service sucks like crap!
not enough staffs lah, i can understand that but.. imagine u called for O'cha & bill for more than 5 times =__________= isn't that a lil .. irritating?

Anyways! we camwhore 1st before waiting for our meal! :P

& here it goes! TA DAA !

my yum yum Pork Mayo Set @ RM 20 below :D
fyi, this is freaking filling. err, for me laa :/

Buta Kimochi set @ RM20 below! :D
p/s: FANTASTIC! thumbs up!!

aiyoo, pic ruined but i dont care. pork is waiting for me lolol.

pabo is a lil lembut so yeah, si man abit is so her :p

after our perfect meal, we went to watch The Green Hornet @ GSC (:
but the movie time was 4pm & we finished our lunch at 2pm -________-
what a great timinggg, eishhh.
had no choice, we walked almost the whole Mid Valley, got ourselves a lil thing thou.
not bad not bad :P

this is when we're in the toilet -____-
oh hey! i din't know mid valley's toilet upgraded!

the chicken vs the flower XD

. . .

This movie was not bad, i like it when Jay speak his english.
cute yet fake, lol .______.
obviously u can see he memorize everything, well no offense k. (:
its kinda not bad for me, just that its not logic lah but overall, not bad!
go watch go watch! :D

after watching the hornets, we both take a picture with Gardens & then off back home! :)
cuz we both have plans at night. bahahahaha :P

p/s: then "night plan"'s post is coming up next!

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