Sunday, February 20, 2011

Brown back to Red day.

went to Origin Puchong outlet today to find the 2 staffs to tolong dye-kan my black&brown hair away -__-
okay i know it's kinda lame but well.. i was free so yeah, go je la :P
that was my aunt sitting at the counter busy youtube-ing early early in the morning.
eishhh, she busy kao-ing some old famous singers & actors thou. ahhahahaha.
wanted to dye my hair purple+red again since the last few times it kept failing..
*oh i thought of dying some WORST colour eh! but nah.. its okay, maybe next time :P *
i hope it works this time!

Teng Teng, the hairstylist's PA. LOL :B

before saying sayonara to my old colour & also the new black hair!

one of the Origin's product.
it's.. em-pill :/
to soften the hair! :D

purple + brown..
ok wtf, why gt brown one -.-
i thought im dying purple + red =___=

the hairstylist's own ga chang lol.
i gao my whole head to him dy..
pls don't damage my hair! kthxbye :P

*excited moment! *
cant wait yaww

mmm, i love the colour but i cant picture how will i look like with it!
:O :O

nooolah, just the "sauce" 's problem.

look at my hairstylistssssss, enjoy "damaging" my hair
bahahah XP

look at the gloves.. heheheh so pinkish!

err okay, after everything is done.. i realized that its still the same.
just that the black hair is gone, thats all :/
no purple, nothing.
ahhhh im so sad! dangggg!

err, failed. 1 more! :P
p/s: that brown thing is my dog lol.

no purple! ):

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