Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What is Tattoo?

Hello people! :)
Have any of you guys ever thought what a tattoo is?

for me, yesh! i always wanna know what is it. especially the pain and process, ._.
that's cause one of my friend actually just finished his tattoo course and was telling me what is tattoo all about.

well, for me, a tattoo is like a design on the skin that can be either permanent or non-permanent. Those non permanents are called temporary tattoos(used to do that very often when i was younger, hahaha)

As im sure everyone of you knows that permanent tattoos are made with tattoo needles right? Well he told me that these needles are attached to needle bars that can punctures the skin at 40 to 5,000 times a minute.. of course, only the professionals know how deep to pierce the skin to create a permanent line. if the needles go too deep, it'll cause EXTRA pain on the tattoo itself.. BUT! of course if the needles arent going deep enough, it will result in scratchy lines. TRUE! xD

so i was asking him how long will a tattoo takes? then he answered me it all depends on the design of the tattoo. if it's big then of course it'll take a longer time. okay i know thats common sense but, sometimes when i watch LA Ink on tv, they do it real fast! like.. REALLY FAST ._. okay whatever, hahaha.

so, there are people saying that having a tattoo will cause you a bad health? or maybe, the RISK?
yeah man! there are health risks that are attached of course, in order to get a tattoo. They are "tuberculosis, HIV and hepatitis B and C" , that's what he told me! :O therefore, the needles need to be sterilized after each use by using proper sterilizing equipment. SO GUYS, please ask ur friend or the tattoo artist to check PROPERLY 1st before doing anything on you, LOL! :x

aihh, there's too much to talk about tattoo.
a lot of people says that tattoo is bad. useless and blah blah blah.
but look! i've seen a lot of people with cute tattoos!
who says tattoo must be TIGER? DRAGONS? PHOENIX? EVILS? SKULLS? nehhhh.. who said so?
we can't blame people who did those though, that's their body. up to their choices.
A tattoo can mean alot to a person.
hey even my sis had a tattoo! A super big Koil fish at the side of her body.
represents charms, lucks or money? im unsure about it, heh.

BUT ALSO! of course im not asking/encouraging any of you to get a tattoo.
just doesn't want anyone to get the wrong idea of the word, "Tattoo".
will talk more about it next time. hehe.
oh btw, google pic about Tattoo, and u'll know what i mean!

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